Biography,Faith Copeland



Artist: Faith Copeland

Faith Copeland is an American artist from Massachusetts,who has lived most of her life in Europe:Austria, France,Spain,Sweden and has settled in Denmark

Originally educated as a language teacher speaking 8 lanugages. Phil Cand. degree in Art history from Lund´s University Sweden.At present She is living in Copenhagen Denmark and has established her Studio in the heart of town in "Nyboder" the old Seaman`s Quarters built in the 1600`s by the Danish builder king Christian lV and still quite a charming area

She has done many paintings from Faroe Islands and Iceland and exhibited in Iceland last Summer at the Museum of Art in Selfoss

This Spring she exhibited her Tropical Paiantings on Silk in West Palm Beach at the Soho Gallery .

She is known for her paintings with the "Playing Puffins",mainly from The Faroe Islands and Iceland.

Her style is impressionistic,naivistic,coloristic. decorative,narrative filled with fantasy and love of Nature,plants ,animals "The Sea" is a recurring motive.